Matar Paneer / Aloo Matar $14.00

Peas with soft cubes of homemade cheese or potatoes in a curry of spices.

Shahi Paneer $14.00

Indian cheese in a tomato based sauce with spices & a touch of cream.

Palak Paneer $14.00

Creamy spinach with indian cheese. substitute potatoes(optional)

Chana Masala $14.00

Chickenpeas cooked in special blend o spies & gravy. add potatoes $1.50

Bhindi Masala $14.00

Fried okra cooked with herbs, spices and Onions.

Pumpkin Curry $14.00

Seasonal Pumkins cooked to perfection.

Aloo Gobi $14.00

Cauliflower florets & potatoes with a touch of midly spiced marination.

Daal Makhani $14.00

Black lentils & beans cooked with cream spices.

Daal Tadka $14.00

yellow lentils cooked in ginger & garlic.

Daal Lucknowi $14.00

Dall Fit for a king sauteed with asafoetida & various spices.

Vegetable Korma $14.00

Assorted vegetables cooked with cheese & cashew in a creamy sauce.

Bengan Bhartha $14.00

Eggplant roasted in tandoor & mashed

Malai Kofta $14.00

An Array of vegetables mashed, made into spheres drowned in a curry.

Chilli Paneer/ Tofu $14.00

Paneer pushed to the max with a sweet & spicy flavored glazing substitute tofu(optional)

Vegetable Jalfrezi $14.00

Mixed vegetables cooked in a home-tyle tadkha.