Open fire clay oven.

Tandoori Chicken Half $12.00/Full $21.00

Chicken marinated using household blend of spices, yougurt & herbs.

Chicken Tikka $16.00

Marinated white meat chicken on a bed of onions & peppers.

Lamb Sheekh Kabab $16.00

Full Lamb ground with spices, onions & herbs wrapped around a skewer & roasted.

Lamb Chops with Bullet Naan $25.00

Four lamb chops made using the chef’s special recipe spicy naan with extra garlic & cream fraiche.

Seafood Platter $23.00

A Celebration of sea life on a plate. fish of the day, prawans & calamri .

Mahan Mixed Grill $23.00

Chicken Tikka, Tandoori chicken, lamb kebab, paneer & Tandoori prawns.

Mango Chicken Tikka $18.00

Chicken tikka glazzed with a mango- chilli paste to build multiple layers of flavor.

Paneer Tikka $15.00

Paneer Prepared to mirror the flavours of chicken tikka. an absoulte delight!