All Dishes are gluten-free except * Nihari

Non-vegetarian Curry
Chicken $15.00, Shrimp $16.00, Goat $17.00,Fish $16.00

Tikka Masala
Chicken $15.00, Shrimp $16.00, Goat $17.00, Fish $16.00

Choice of protein served with a tomato based curry.

Chicken Makhani $15.00

Also known as butter chicken Dark meat served in butter tomato curry.

Chicken $15.00, Shrimp $16.00, Goat $17.00, Fish $16.00

A spicy red curry with potatoes sure to provide a kick served with your choice of protein.

Chicken $15.00, Shrimp $16.00, Goat $17.00

Tandoor roasted protein tossed with creamy spinach

Chicken $15.00, Lamb $17.00

A slow cooked creamy cashew-based gravy with your choice of one of the following

Chicken 65 $16.00

indian/chinese dish a perfect blend of sweet & Sicy

Madras Chicken $16.00

A Thai inspired chicken dish made with coconut milk and exquisite blend of spices & curry leaves.

Lamb Bhuna $17.00

An original Punjabi dish spiced lamb simmered in onion and tomato gravy.

Haleem $17.00

Hyderbadi dish of arabic origin slow cooked goat with lentil

Nihari $17.00

A Classical Mughlai dish of slow roasted goat, spices & herbs.