Vegetable Samosas (2pcs) $3.99

Deep-fried crisped turnovers stuffed with a blend of potatoes, peas and Indian spices

Vegetable Pakoras $4.99

Fritters of mixed vegetable marinated in chickpeas flour

Paneer Pakoras $5.99

Fritters of homemade cottage cheese stuffed with mint, cilantro, herbs and spices

Chicken Pakoras $6.99

Delicate white meat chicken marinated with yogurt, chickpeas flour and then deep fried

Kathi Roll (3pcs)

Our version of a famous West Indian street food. A naan wrapped around assorted veggies and your choice of meat

Vegetable $5.99

Chicken $6.99

Lamb $7.69

Onion Bhaji (6pcs) $4.99

A traditional festive food consisting of deep fried marinated onions

Fish Pakoras (4pcs) $6.99

A cranked up version of the fish you would find in a basket of classic English food "Fish and Chips"

Gobi or Chicken Manchurian $10.99

An Indian-Chinese dish created in Kolkata consisting of battered dry cauliflower or chicken made to a crisp

Cripsy Mushrooms $6.99

Mushroom caps stuffed with cheese, herbs and assorted veggies. Served with a homemade tomato based sauce